Client Acquisition Assessment

The purpose of a Client Acquisition Assessment is to make you more effective at winning new business. A Client Acquisition Assessment tests and qualifies expansion initiatives to enable anticipation of market needs, building and leveraging competitive advantage, and the strengthening of market strategies.

Capturing decision-maker attitudes and sentiment a Client Acquisition Assessment informs growth strategies.

A Client Acquisition Assessment delivers evidentiary insights and clear implementable actions through comprehensive, independent interviews with decision-makes in target markets.

Evidentiary Insights

Use client led insights to clarify needs and test and preview your market offering down to the individual influencer or decision-maker. Deepen your understanding of:

  • • Target clients’ decision-making process
  • • Perceived value against incumbents and competitors
  • • Positions of leverage

Clear Actions

Confidently build on client led insights to:

  • • Anticipate, identify and map new market opportunities
  • • Shape and position new service offerings
  • • Build and execute reliable strategy
  • • Strengthen competitive advantage

A deeper understanding of market-defined value can tangibly improve performance, amplify your value proposition, increase loyalty and raise profit potential.

Connect with Client Thought